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The future of mass human space flight is rapidly approaching. With the successful demonstration flights of Space Ship One in 2004 and the da Vinci Projects own first manned flights to take place in 2006, we are on the edge of realizing our dream of moving mankind out of the cradle.

The Annual X PRIZE Cup:

The da Vinci Project is dedicated to completing its initial manned flight missions, doing so ahead of any other competition. In addition we will be competing in the annual X PRIZE Cup in New Mexico with two new very innovative space racer designs.

Sub Orbital Flight for Everyone:

Design concepts for the first commercial spaceport with a 15,000 ft runway - Copyright 2005 Brian Feeney

Our vision and bold dreams only begin there. Designs. Plans are taking hold for a big leap forward in reliable cost effective sub-orbital manned space flight. We will unveil our own 9 person (7 passenger plus 2 crew) sub-orbital launch vehicle design in 2006 with an operational readiness objective of sometime in 2009. The images give you an early glimpse of our spaceport concept design. The imbedded spacecraft and launch aircraft are from actual CAD drawing of the next generation sub-orbital commercial spacecraft.

First Steps to Orbit:

With much excitement in the air about commercial launches within the next few years and orbital attempts by 2010 for the America’s Space Prize, the da Vinci Project has embarked on a bold goal. Utilizing our engineering and manufacturing strength in extremely large balloon technology, we’ve begun the design for a high altitude manned orbital demonstrator. Stay tuned for more details on this ground breaking project which goal is to put the first private person all the way into orbit.

No Boundaries:

Our aspirations go to orbit and beyond. We will continue to utilize the balloon launch technology in areas where it holds its greatest strength as well as ground launched winged designs and air launched wing designs for both sub-orbital and full orbit operations.


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