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The da Vinci Project is lead by Team leader Brian Feeney and is comprised of more than 600 Aerospace Engineering and Business Professionals. The main Team is located in Toronto, Ontario with Engineering and Ground Operation Teams located in Montreal, Quebec and Regina, Saskatchewan and other parts of the world.

What is hard to show though is the incredible effort of those more than 600 people from across Canada and around the world who have volunteered well in excess of 150,000 man hours to make the dream a reality. The da Vinci Project is the largest volunteer technology based project in world history. Together we are fulfilling the passionate dream of an individual as shared by everyone. The projects name sake, Leonardo da Vinci, was chosen as it represented the vast array of talents needed to accomplish the manned space flights missions. It also is core to the mission of inspiring people of all ages and especially youth to drive for and accomplish their dreams, whatever they maybe, however difficult and great the challenge may present, however small or large the paradigm may result thereof.

This is something everyone can identity with. Raw ingenuity and drive, not willing to give up regardless of the hurtles. People from all ages and walks of life will look at this project and take a piece of it into their own lives!

To everyone that has been involved in the project over the past 9 plus years, to the volunteers, our sponsors and new supporters to come, thank you for helping to make the dream a reality. I will stay the course. Failure is not an option.

Brian Feeney
September 19, 2005


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