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The da Vinci Project to showcase new manned spaceflight hardware design at this years XPRIZE Cup in New Mexico - Toronto, Ont. – Sept. 19, 2006 : The da Vinci Project is pleased to announce that it will be participating in this years XPRIZE Cup in Las Cruces New Mexico October 20th and 21st. This will be the second year for the da Vinci Project at the XPRIZE Cup and the tenth year that it has participated in XPRIZE activities.

“We will be showcasing a new design at this years XPRIZE Cup said Brian Feeney, Team Leader of the da Vinci Project. We also have some major announcements concerning our commercial manned space flight business initiatives and the new design reflects the space flight style of hardware we intend to bring to the suborbital space tourism market.”

The XPRIZE and Cup series have been instrumental in the inspiration of private manned flights to space. The da Vinci Project is a leading contender to be the second private group in the world to complete a manned sub orbital flight to space.

“We’re proud to have been associated with the XPRIZE and the Cup series since 1996 said Brian Feeney. The da Vinci Project has had a significant role in the XPRIZE and we’ll continue to be a prime leader in the manned space flight field.”

The da Vinci Project will be rolling out its commercial manned spaceflight plans starting at the XPRIZE Cup and throughout the fall of 2006.


About The da Vinci Project

The da Vinci Project's was a leading contender for the Ansari X PRIZE, the international "New Race to Space(R)". The Project is backed by a core of volunteers from many walks of life and disciplines. Aerospace engineers, experts in project management and finance contribute their time and expertise towards the realization of the next step in Human discovery. The Project's novel rocket design will be launched from the world's largest reusable helium balloon at an altitude of 70,000 feet (24,400 meters).

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