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October 21, 2006 DreamSpace™ Enters Space Tourism Market through Technology Partnership with The da Vinci Project
September 19, 2006 The da Vinci Project to showcase new manned spaceflight hardware design at this years XPRIZE Cup in New Mexico
October 10, 2005 The Golden / da Vinci Project shows flight hardware to the world!
December 4, 2004 Worlds Largest Reusable Helium Balloon Completed by Canadian Manned Space Flight Team
November 25, 2004 The Space Program Powered by the da Vinci Project continues to make headway!
November 13, 2004 Brian Feeney Speaks at MIT
October 1, 2004 Canadian Government Approves Launch
July 27, 2004 Go for Launch! X Prize Foundation Announces Teams Ready to Compete for $10 Million
March 18, 2004 The da Vinci Project Implements Additional ANSYS Software in Quest to Win International X PRIZE® Competition
October 28, 2003 Da Vinci manned space program announces major partnership
October 8, 2003 Sun Microsystems of Canada and da Vinci Project Team up to Take on the Final Frontier
May 13, 2003 World's First Independent Manned Space Launch From Saskatchewan
February 23, 2003 CFDRC Software Integral Part of da Vinci Project Quest to Win the International X PRIZE® Competition
November 18, 2002 Da Vinci Project Gets Boost From New Sponsor In Quest to Win the X Prize
Sept 4, 2002 The Da Vinci Polytechnic Institute announces sponsorship of the da Vinci Project
July 2, 2002 X Prize and da Vinci Project featured in July 2002 issue of Discover Magazine
Sept 10, 2001 Press Release: da Vinci Project at 28th annual Premium and Incentives Show in Toronto
Aug 30, 2001 Press Release: 3-2-1... LIFT-OFF! Canadian Business Gets Boost Into Space
Aug 15, 2001 Press Release: YourLogoGoesHere Joins Space Race
June 11, 2001 Press Release: OpenAir selected by the da Vinci Project
May 2, 2001 Press Release: da Vinci Project Unveils Rocket
March 9, 2001 Flight Guidance Systems to be used by the da Vinci Project Tested - Second test of full-scale engines also performed
July 17, 2000 Press Release: da Vinci Project Enters $10 Million X-Prize
January 1999 Rocket Engines Flight Tested in New Mexico

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