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The da Vinci Project is one of two front-runners in the development of private, commercial manned space flight. In the fall of 2004 the da Vinci Project competed head to head with the well funded Burt Rutan / Paul G. Allen project of Mojave California who won the X PRIZE Competition, a US $10,000,000 prize for the first team of private citizens to successfully launch a manned spacecraft at least 100 km into space, twice in a two week period. The vision of the X PRIZE is to make space travel possible for the average person by challenging the world’s most talented entrepreneurs and scientists to develop technology that is safe, economical and re-usable.

The Toronto-based da Vinci Project will launch the world’s second private (first in Canada), manned spacecraft from Kindersley, Saskatchewan, Canada in 2006. The team will also be contending for the new X PRIZE Cup starting with exhibition / demonstrations at the fall XPC 2005, exhibition flights to space at XPC 2006 and prize based space flight competition starting in 2007. X PRIZE Cup Competitions will be held annually in Las Cruses New Mexico, providing an Americas Cup style of focus and public / media appeal.

The team, led by space sciences visionary Brian Feeney, is the worlds largest volunteer technology based project ever. Six hundred people across Canada and abroad, contributing more than 150,000 man hours of work over the past 9 years all striving together to make the dream of private manned space flight a reality. The project was founded in and 1996 since then has been a tremendous inspiration to many around the world. The project has generated in excess of 2.1 billion media impressions for over US $157,000,000 of media value to date. The X PRIZE launches ran as one of the top news stories in the world in 2004. The winning of the X PRIZE signals only the beginning of a public journey to space with the da Vinci Project pioneering the way in.

The project will make history as one of the greatest technological and human achievements of the 21 st century. As such, we are in a position to offer several sponsorship levels at unprecedented media value for your Sponsorship investment. Both the X PRIZE and da Vinci Project have entered into major media partnerships for prime coverage and documentation of the launches, in order to maximize the quantifiable benefits to you, as a Sponsor.

We would be pleased to meet with you for an in-depth presentation of the da Vinci Project and associated benefits available to your company or organization.

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Quick Facts:

  • From July 2000 through mid December 2003 da Vinci Project media impressions had reached 600 million people, delivering over 45 million dollars in editorial media value to da Vinci Project Sponsors
  • Through the final 10 months of 2004, due to the heated battle to win the X Prize competition, public and media interest skyrocketed. North American and world wide coverage of the da Vinci Project added an additional 1.5 billion media impressions, worth 112 million dollars in advertising value.
  • Stories of the project have ran from New York to Australia, from New Delhi to Shanghai.
  • The da Vinci Project is positioned and is touted by media as the only alternative to the Spaceship One team
  • Live interviews by Brian Feeney have been seen on the NBC Today Show, CBS and Canada’s CTV – Canada AM show.
  • There have been articles run in almost every Canadian publication as well as the Wall Street Journal and the Washington Post

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